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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Air Asia Turns 10 Offer

Yes 10-cent is just eyes-cream, but with as low as RM16++ from KL to PEN.
For PEN only to Langkawi for RM29 one-way.

Think it's not for me again as I used to work not a good holiday planner.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Microsoft Security Essentials x64

Finally after a few years my WinXPx64 left unprotected, I installed an antivirus software, Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE).

I thought there might be some malwares after I discovered that a few programmes just not showing up after executed.

But as soon as I installed this thought to be more system integrated stuff, I lost around 200MB of space.
How greedy this tiny anti-whatever, oh, x64 version.

Lastly, I came across there is an executable being quarantined silently: PPS, only after I checked from History log, wonder it will popup a box to alert me.

I thought such branded anti-whatever will be foe with these software less aware of piracy, so I just restored the quarantined file.

Check out playpcesor on Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0 Beta.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Google Health Is Ceasing, MS HealthVault Is Rising

Do you hesitate to store your personal health record online?

Been using Google Health as my online personal health record so I can access from anywhere via internet.
I have no disease that is shameful, plus this is not publicised, and I can get brief pharmacology information regarding my medicines, it was a good platform to manage my health condition.

More than a week ago I received notification by Google telling that Google Health is going to an end, and until lately I chose the option to send my data to Microsoft HealthVault to continue my online health record.

I signed in with my MS LiveID, and proceed till the end:

Hopefully this will be helpful as what they claimed: Prepare, Access, Monitor, Track & Control my health.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

War Of eBook

Just found out my Shelfari Bookshelf staying over right bottom of my blog did not working, traced it then only know it has already been acquired by Amazon back in the end of 2008. Gosh! Why am I so left-behind?! But it was working well months ago.

(Hey, they use quite a good trick to hide their new logo with Amazon from showing the source URL, so I could not post as a link here. But immediately think of pressing the Prt Scr button to duplicate one.)

They must be using new algorithm for their widget so I gotta check on it to restore it on my blog. I take their ready made transformation, logging in with my Amazon account then linked with my previous Shelfari account, kinda say goodbye to the old school as I gotta use my Amazon UID to log in Shelfari from then onwards. There is an option to link with FB too.

After settling all the side dishes then only I found the way to restore my bookshelf:
It is not easy to find this only way though.

Okay, back to the war between Amazon Shelfari v.s. Google Books.

Both have ebook online:
Market: more than famous Amazon v.s. Google eBookstore
Listing: My Shelf v.s. My Library.

Yet I feel Google Books is the winner for so generous & advanced in providing much detail like (limited) Preview, Contents listing, Bibliographic info & QR code.
The only lame things for Google Books are the tasteless bookshelf and lack of support in providing widget for bloggers as compared to Amazon Shelfari.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Learning To Learn

Just got rehearsed by my colleague regarding neurofeedback with a cover story titled "The Alphalearning Revolution" in the magazine Calibre.

The main idea is to achieve the balance or harmonious state physically & mentally, in a damn fast way.

It is rather costly for average families but the market demands are incredibly huge, that there are now a few profit-making private schools lining up crunching for the local big cake.

External links:
Alphalearning Institute in Switzerland (You'll be shocked by the price list)

OpenEEG (What we'll like, open-sourced)

Friday, September 9, 2011


Just came across a Superusers section in Foursquare Support FAQ when I attempt to learn if they finally willing to clarify the users about their apps version by putting on version numbers.

I am so into it despite they disappoint me in this particular issue. So I'm in, no, just to apply and see, as I keep on updating details of venues and flagging mislocated or duplicate venues.

I really hope they care of Symbian users a bit more, or until I jump into Droid. See, so despair being a small user.

Monday, August 29, 2011

DiGi Got Me Zero!

Silly & poor me this time FB until zero credit :D

Being a loyal DiGi customer, I was happily using Zero FB until lately I found out my credit drops so fast, that I checked GPRS usage in itemised statement in OCS and wow, I spent average RM1/day with this!

Immediately I called and asked the service centre.
According to the customer service representative, Zero FB is only free when access with DiGi GPRS (WAP 2.0) and from 6AM to 6PM.

It might not an issue for many others but sometimes we just make silly mistakes and pay for it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Exodus - Episode 1

So great to came across this documentary tonight about story of ancestors of South East Asia Chinese.

Exodus - Episode 1

Made in Malaysia, I like the animation depicting ancient scenes in between and, not to mention the real live filmed scenes from last century.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Just learnt CloudFlare from Netcraft.

Us in 90 Seconds from CF Vimeo on Vimeo.

Think it'll help so just sign up for debtdash.info
After it scans your zone file consists of A, CNAME, MX etc., you gotta log into domain services account to alter DNS to point them to new ns.cloudflare.com

Below is my attempt in name.com

That's so simple.
I wonder how's the performance as I forward my domain to blogspot.
So far it's ok.
Upon finish the steps in CloudFlare you'll get the message:
Your site is active on CloudFlare making it Faster, Safer and Smarter.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's Go Taiwan 9th Biking Promo

Nice scenery, flora & fauna, cultures accompany through the 475km-long journey over East Taiwan.

Well, how about our coastlines & multi-cultures?
When will my riding starts?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Malaysia Boleh!

...and now by the Science Magazine, about being listed the 2nd most restrictive society or the like.

Differences Between Tight and Loose Cultures: A 33-Nation Study (Original abstract in English)

The focus is India, known for the largest democratic country in the world, which ironically be listed as 3rd most restrictive society, after Bangladesh & Malaysia, truely Asia.

More info in China Times titled 民主為巨人 印度自由是侏儒

Monday, May 9, 2011


I'm longing for a home, yet a home without a true companion is not a home sweet home.

This MV, highly recommended by a friend of mine, tells how intrinsic love could have been given by a life partner.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Freediving & Hearing Impairment

I like swimming, much more than I realised.
Before I was a schoolboy my father & sister taught me to flutter with legs & propel with arms in the deep. There's still an impression which I cross the dark water in my hometown by my own.

Ever since then I become so familiar and comfort with water and, I like diving.
Transparent, silky, sometimes warm like inside a womb, yet much mysterious.
I will not deny the wide & deep blue or dark water leaves me fear of unimaginative possibilities which out of my control.

I'm so tiny in front of the sea, much more than the relationship between mother & child. We derived from the sea, we belong to the sea.
So I started to hold my breath, staying under water, be in an empty mind, perhaps to receive any message from the mother earth.

Few years back I was impressed watching a freediver crossing an underwater cave.
The video of the historic freedive through Dahab's Blue Hole arch
Now I am impressed again with this:

I was thinking how he overcomes deep sea pressure as deep as 95m without putting on any related device. Ear plugs? An experienced swimmer or diver told me never put on ear plugs as the difference in pressure will cause injury to the ear drum.
I tried to dive not more than 6m and I was aware that I can't tolerate the pressure. This depressive 6 like haunting me, looking for ways to dive beyond.

Unfortunately, I googled and found out that diving has somehow affected my hearing, especially in cold water.
Check out Surfer's ear in Wikipedia, and EAEs in PubMed.
Now that I can figure out why I always have to ask others to repeat their speech, which is embarrassing.

However there is no quit for me, and I would like to share more about freediving with the book FREEDIVE!

World record for unassisted freediving is achieved by William Trubridge -101m
More info on Vertical Blue
Safety on DiveWise.org

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Love HK!

There are a few countries or places that I love for their particular FREE reasons.

For example, I love Singapore for free from messiness (physically & mentally?), Taiwan for it's free-flow creativity (Chaotic politics?), while Hong Kong to me is a place that having both.

Here's what I just came across in FB, a creative MV depicting grass roots people protesting against price rise in HK.

It's entertaining, join them!

Hardpack 加價熱潮吹遍香港 feat. P叔 MV

While their semi-independent government is providing The 2011-12 Budget.
As a comparison the Malaysian Budget 2011.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Charlie Chaplin Google Doodle

I like to visit Google Search occasionally for doodles for special occasions.

Here's today's special:

Charlie Chaplin's 122nd Birthday

I am fancy with his primitive yet innocent way of acting, which is most of the time, however, leaving us with rather saddish endings.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Foursquare Rocks...My X6

Foursquare is a mainstream geo-social mobile apps for mobile users to get to know where are those hot spots around, along with users' feedback, tips & tricks.

Few months back I was using official Foursquare for Symbian 6 on my Nokia X6.
The version 1.0.6 kept crashing my X6 when it has difficulty with the WiFi connection.
I had to disconnect the battery to off and restart my X6.
The slowish executing and closing the app is annoying too.

I thought I would get a better experience with Sym4square, but ended up with its unfamiliar UI.

When I desperately removed Foursquare, and try to re-install from Ovi Store, I get an upgraded version: v1.0.8.

With its improved executing speed, less flaw, I finally enjoy the fun of exploring the world!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Best Jobs

It's a good saying that every dog has his day.

In term of pay & growth prospects, Physiotherapist (or physical therapist in US) was once ranked 7th as the Best Jobs in America in 2009.

Now it becomes 45th by CareerCast in Jobs Rated 2011: Ranking 200 Jobs From Best to Worst.

Let's get a glance from the latest job ranking for some medical professions:
9th AUD
17th OCT
21st SLP
25th DIET
32nd CHIRO
36th PHARM
45th PHY
57th PODIA
75th DENT
83rd GP
88th RT
94th NURSE
101st SURG
We can see the trend has changed drastically as the traditionally high-pay professions have drop out from top-50. As the ranking is measured by physical demands, work environment, pay, hiring outlook and stress, shows that people nowadays enjoy more than the income itself from their jobs.

Well, maybe I'm a bit over-loaded without my knowledge?
Wondering how many years ahead I could last in my career...