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Monday, June 2, 2008

Penang Chinese Swimming Club

A blank Sunday, seldom I have time awaits me to kill.

Eventually I went to swim with my colleague & her family in Penang Chinese Swimming Club.

Here's the front view of the entrance:

RM5 is charged for each non-member bring along by member.
The joining fee is about to raise up to RM5k/7k by the coming month.
Penang Swimming Club's even more with RM10k.

So excited to get into a sea water swimming pool, they claimed the sea water is beneficial to skin and I thought it's sulfuric spring. Somehow still remember the warmth being into hot sulfuric spring water pool in Bei-Tou, Taipei, Taiwan years ago.

Ok, back into the topic, this's the first time ever I swim in such a "gigantic" pool, particularly when I tried to familiarise myself within the deepest, some phobia-like strange feeling prevent me from staying for more than a minute, which I could easily achieve more than that in normal pools. Staying in the wide & deep bottom is just like you're right under the sea, where you'll find unfamiliar & a bit panic without having gas tank along. In fact, according to my Swatch Scuba Fun measurement, it's a 4m deep pool.

Below is some of the snapshots I took within the building after having much fun in the pool.

Top design of an old wooden closet:

The (old) emblem:


  1. Hai there Debtdash! What a unique name you have. I liked reading about the Penang Chinese Swimming Club. Thanks alot for the information. I didn't know that such a pool existed. One would think that it's just a normal swimming pool. I am looking forward to going there and slip into this pool soon.

  2. Hey! Now that I see you.
    I enjoy free diving and I hope you enjoy being into the water, it might have positive effect in reducing stress. In fact we all came from salted water.

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