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Monday, March 31, 2008

World Universities's Ranking on the Web

Making a particular world ranking isn't easy.
Tons of T&C have to be considered, yet still will be criticized.
So these billboards always like eye candies, people won't take serious about them.
After all, they're for reference. For idealism, please refer to "About the Ranking".

Just learnt that my NTU has advanced in Webometrics, which updates only on Jan & July annually. It's the only thing I can be proud of, of course. (not my self achievement)

As you can see, despite having the much advanced position in scholar, the top Asian universities rank far away from top-50.
But hey, where's my lovely Malaysian universities?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Rumours Ahead!

Just got several version of rumours around after this general election:

1. Major riots by Malays will be coming by the end of this month. So start storing food supplies now.

2. Some Chinese in Johor Bahru have infected with HIV after eating Malay food in Mamak stalls. They said the Malays will put HIV-infected blood to the food to be served to Chinese.

3. etc.

All of these seem to be nonsense especially the 2nd one which shows blindness:
Mamak stalls are running by Indian Muslim, not Malays;
Even kissing a HIV carrier people, you won't get shit unless you have ulcer inside your mouth or the following digestive tracts.

Just hope that all the people get wiser in receiving information and think twice before spread it.


Just got another rumour sms stating that there will be chaos by the coming days.
Well, might be a chance for the PKR de facto leader Anwar to become the new PM though, if the party gains the majority of parliament seats of the opposite league, after having their lovely new colleagues from BN of East Malaysia. Wow, what a possibility, huh?