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Monday, April 14, 2014

Updating NVIDIA GeForce 335.28

While I still could not find the reason why my LCD turning off or going to standby mode automatically after around ten seconds of various format of movie played by MPC-HC, followed by audio off & irresponsive system (i.e. keyboard Caps Lock LED not responding to pressing Caps Lock) recently, I decided to update the ASUS branded NVIDIA GeForce display card driver since ASUS does not providing any update driver.

After downloaded the latest official GeForce 335.28 package launcher I executed it and decompressed the setup files into a folder away from the system partition to avoid fragmentation. Upon setting up I encounter some hiccups:

Tried simply installing with 64-bit Windows Imaging Component works!
Then I chose custom install, unchecked .Net Framework 4 since I already have version 2 (just trying my luck if it works), unchecked GeForce Experience since it is cater for serious gamer not "game watcher" like me, and unchecked nView as well as it is just an extra desktop management bundle. 

I leave HD Audio because it only consumes a few MB. Lastly checked "Perform a clean installation".

Now I'm gonna shut my system down. No update to this if I enjoy it. Wish me luck!