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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Race - An Inspirational Story of Struggling Against Failure

This's inspiring! Thinking of what's "success"? Becoming rich, in the very early stage of life? Is it one's luck? How about if you're not the luckiest one? How about keeping the success after one's death? How about the spirit of fighting against the adversity? This shows how the late bloomers are.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Farewell, Mr. Tan Hooi Song!

As a famous musician, he's also one of the creators of the well-known Chinese art performance - 24 Festival Drums, which let us be proud of.

His life is "like the wind and the sun".
陳徽崇紀念網頁 Tan Hooi Song Memorial Website

Oh, I'm so touched by the documentary film that I feel I'm fully charged to work my day out!

Farewell Mr. Tan, and long live 24 Festival Drums!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Microsoft Popfly

To create a webpage without writing any code is nothing since there're so many choices of WYSIWYG webpage editing software.

But ever imagined creating a game without writing any code?

I saw my housemate Aaron head spinning for writing and debugging codes, and I think I won't be the same, until I found Microsoft Popfly, which is released a while ago.

You can create mashup(kinda mix of infomation pieces), webpages and even games, and can even integrate them into your blog.

Try it!

As I haven't. ;-p


Google has its own now with Google Mushup with AJAX.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Minefield - x64 Firefox 3

Right after my successful drivers installation for x64 system, I looked for the 64-bit web browser, and the 1st came into my list is x64 version of Firefox - Minefield, which just still in its very alpha stage.

Mozilla x64

Before you can use Minefield in 64-bit OS, you have to manually install Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 SP1 Redistributable (x64)

Installing MSVC2008 doesn't work.

Immediately after several browsing sessions I find it cannot show flash at all.

The reason is the Adobe staff not being able to port the 32bit flash support to the 64bit web browsers:
Flash Player support on 64-bit operating systems

Here's one of the webpages where people blamming on Adobe:

Even the NCBI website is not accepting Minefield:


Checking for the latest version of Minefield is not helpful:

Last but not the least, the Google Pinyin Chinese input compatibility issue.

It's still hot:



Google is providing x64 Pinyin now:


Recently I found a newly release 3.1 alpha version of Minefield, which is even worse for not supporting 2 of my favourite add-ons: Download Statusbar & Downloadhelper.

Eventually, I decided to dump Minefield as the incompatible issue with flash makes it useless at all particularly when browsing Youtube.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Compaq Presario SR5350AP with WinXP x64 Drivers Solved!

I still remember the very early & hard moment I looked around & waited the driver programmers to write & compile a workable 64-bit chipset drivers for my 740-pin AMD Athlon 64 (the first & cheap x64 CPU) + nForce mobo years ago.

After finished setting up my first dual core box, I took several days roaming within the unfamiliar MS Vista Starter installed. Finally I decided to install 64-bit Windows XP for the second time, without knowing that disaster's awaiting.

First, non-immediate relief from official support.

Rather fast response from HP support (replied the next day):
I have verified the specifications of Compaq Presario SR5350AP Desktop PC. This PC is preinstalled with Windows Vista Starter (32-bit) Operating System. This is the reason the PC is not bundled with XP drivers. As the PC is preinstalled with the Vista Operating System, Recovery discs also available for Vista Operating System only which includes drivers for Vista. Also, I wish to inform you that Pavilion PC's that ship with Windows Vista do not include a set of recovery CDs (Operating System, drivers and preinstalled softwares). Instead, they use a hidden space (partition) on the hard drive to store the recovery information......if you wish to install the XP Operating System in your PC, then you need to contact the device manufacturer for drivers for XP 64bit Operating System.

You can refer the below HP Document for more detailed description about this scenario:
Changing the Operating System from Windows Vista to Windows XP

Luckily I've created the only Recovery DVD before I put the pre-installed 80GB HDD into rest.

Before proceeding, here's the spec. listed on HP Customer Care web pages:
Product Spec.
Mobo. Spec.

Search & rescue task for ECS 945GCT-HM (Livermore 8)

Unfortunately this OEM product is not listed in the ECS official website.
See their reply.

Fine, another search & rescue task.
Initially I made google searches which all turn out to be unsolved 64-bit driver requests.

Lastly, I went to Intel for 945 Express Chipset & GMA;
Realtek for RTL8201E network & ALC888 HD audio.

All in x64, viola!

But the on board RTL8201E is recognised as cheap RTL8139.

Oh wait! How about my legacy 3Com NIC?

Guess what, totally no official x64 driver found in the Internet!

So, I use a cheap RTL8139D NIC instead, as I would like to set up a dual-NIC box to share my network with my backup kludge.

Up to here, the 64-bit WinXP is up and functionally running.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My New Kludge

Finally I have spare time to have started fixing my brand new HP Presario PC.

Here are the first view upon arrival on May:

Nice stylish front view with some basic info at a glimpse.
Now, anatomy time!

I've very poor confidence in the post-sale service,

So, tear-up the specially designed warranty sticker,

which, somehow impressed me to leave "VOID" markings.

That's all, you won't be much impressed when they take days to approach you and another weeks or months time to save your much needed PC.

Okay, here's the internal:

Nice real-watts PSU, nice ventilation environment, I think.

(Of course this is nothing compared to my previous naked kludge)

To my attention is the SATA interface DVD-combo drive which I assumed to be ordinary PATA; and a theoretical safe vertical-mounted WesternDigital HDD in a specially designed "cage".

Ah! my favourite WD, this's my 3rd working WD HDD, but I wonder the bulk producing OEM quality for its light weight.

Speaking of nowadays Malaysia made WD HDD, I'm a bit worry of the quality as we know its newly merged Penang manufacturer was not bearing "WD" before.

Since the DDR2 RAM is still in its low-price level which to be risen in this Q3, I bought two Kingston DDR2 RAM 800MHz @RM75 each.

But why not cheaper 667MHz @RM69 each?
Sigh, I was cheated by the 800Mhz 512MB DDR2 RAM provided.
In fact, this ESC livermore8 mobo supports max. 667MHz.

Ok, a final view after connecting IDE DVD burner & WD200GB HDD with a slim rounded IDE cable bought fr om Taiwan. (Only 1 PATA provided in this box)

A bit crowded, huh?!
But with two fans (not mentioned the PSU's) running inside, no noise is heard during operation.

Well this's much easier compared with the headachy software instalation & settings which I'm going to tell in the following days.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

IAN Project Video

I'm always interested in knowing more about autistic children as they are most probably the genius.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Penang Chinese Swimming Club

A blank Sunday, seldom I have time awaits me to kill.

Eventually I went to swim with my colleague & her family in Penang Chinese Swimming Club.

Here's the front view of the entrance:

RM5 is charged for each non-member bring along by member.
The joining fee is about to raise up to RM5k/7k by the coming month.
Penang Swimming Club's even more with RM10k.

So excited to get into a sea water swimming pool, they claimed the sea water is beneficial to skin and I thought it's sulfuric spring. Somehow still remember the warmth being into hot sulfuric spring water pool in Bei-Tou, Taipei, Taiwan years ago.

Ok, back into the topic, this's the first time ever I swim in such a "gigantic" pool, particularly when I tried to familiarise myself within the deepest, some phobia-like strange feeling prevent me from staying for more than a minute, which I could easily achieve more than that in normal pools. Staying in the wide & deep bottom is just like you're right under the sea, where you'll find unfamiliar & a bit panic without having gas tank along. In fact, according to my Swatch Scuba Fun measurement, it's a 4m deep pool.

Below is some of the snapshots I took within the building after having much fun in the pool.

Top design of an old wooden closet:

The (old) emblem:

Saturday, May 31, 2008


An exciting educative online typing race is here, can race among friends concurrently.


Only English, of course.

I particularly like the function it has to show the origins of the paragraph typed after the races.

Now then I learnt my English typing average speed is 34wpm.

I thought I have claimed 40wpm in my resume, ha!

Well, I think the excusal could be my type of looking around or finding out the meaning it has in those words while type-racing with others.

Excusal is excusal.


Finally, my HP PC-bundled Streamyx's up & run.

RM99 monthly for 24 months = RM2374 pay with plastic $ for an obsolete dual-core HP branded PC with 17" flat CRT, well, a deal, as I can pay on installment.

Moreover, I'm going to claim this as deductible item from income tax next year.

What killing my time these few days is email crunching for several accounts.

Go go go, life's up with the killing internet!

Monday, March 31, 2008

World Universities's Ranking on the Web

Making a particular world ranking isn't easy.
Tons of T&C have to be considered, yet still will be criticized.
So these billboards always like eye candies, people won't take serious about them.
After all, they're for reference. For idealism, please refer to "About the Ranking".

Just learnt that my NTU has advanced in Webometrics, which updates only on Jan & July annually. It's the only thing I can be proud of, of course. (not my self achievement)

As you can see, despite having the much advanced position in scholar, the top Asian universities rank far away from top-50.
But hey, where's my lovely Malaysian universities?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Rumours Ahead!

Just got several version of rumours around after this general election:

1. Major riots by Malays will be coming by the end of this month. So start storing food supplies now.

2. Some Chinese in Johor Bahru have infected with HIV after eating Malay food in Mamak stalls. They said the Malays will put HIV-infected blood to the food to be served to Chinese.

3. etc.

All of these seem to be nonsense especially the 2nd one which shows blindness:
Mamak stalls are running by Indian Muslim, not Malays;
Even kissing a HIV carrier people, you won't get shit unless you have ulcer inside your mouth or the following digestive tracts.

Just hope that all the people get wiser in receiving information and think twice before spread it.


Just got another rumour sms stating that there will be chaos by the coming days.
Well, might be a chance for the PKR de facto leader Anwar to become the new PM though, if the party gains the majority of parliament seats of the opposite league, after having their lovely new colleagues from BN of East Malaysia. Wow, what a possibility, huh?

Friday, February 29, 2008

Lee Eng Kew's New Book

Well, my mom's idol's going to publish his 3rd new piece of work.

See you all fans there!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My First Vote

I saw persistent millionocracy here for years but cannot find a way to get into the sphere.
Now that I have a vote to give to the right one, or the better one (same spoiled apples?), or just draw a tortoise on the vote.

After being registered as a voter in my hometown for years, I checked my voter status on SPR
Luckily I am eligible for this coming election.
However my colleague who registered one year ago is not.
She remains calm and silent while I wonder how much time we should spend to be allow to vote after register.

Aside from this, I saw the BN (National Front) advertisement on MSN, promoting their brand new web site bn2008.org.my and manifesto for the election. Well so much $ to spend ya?
While DAP is agonistic having dap-elections.com (commercialised?).

Wishing a new prosperous cycle we could achieve. Please vote really carefully!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Restoran Kapitan's

No, I was not there but my colleagues.
In fact I was still busying in hospital for my afternoon shift.

Since the morning they have been arguing about the best Tandoori chicken in town, and eventually decided to have dinner in Restoran Kapitan's.

I got that famous Tandoori chicken taken away by my lovely colleague for me, just about my work to finish.
Here it looks like in restaurant:

Despite its over-colouring look (most Muslim food?), it really taste good!
Different sauce and dosing are available, though I don't know their names.

Oh! Not forget to mention the fabulous drink, Almond milk, pack with cashew nuts etc.
Quite an enjoyable drink you can't find elsewhere but the stall just outside the restaurant.
Let's see the hawker Teh Tarik ("Drag Tea") master in action:

Lastly I provide the related info:

Restoran kapitan's

(The Tandoori Claypot Briyani Specialist)
93, Lebuh Chulia, Penang.

The above listed is the flagship restaurant.
There are branches located at Sungai Nibong and Gurney as well, all open 24-hour.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Earth Hour 2008

Just learnt this great movement from one of the ad banner. (so don't mind ads?)

It's such meaningful(darkness inspires?) that immediately I wrote an e-mail to YAB Tan Sri KTK, the chief minister in my current resident city.

Remember 8pm, March 29. Please spread the inspiration.