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Saturday, October 29, 2011

War Of eBook

Just found out my Shelfari Bookshelf staying over right bottom of my blog did not working, traced it then only know it has already been acquired by Amazon back in the end of 2008. Gosh! Why am I so left-behind?! But it was working well months ago.

(Hey, they use quite a good trick to hide their new logo with Amazon from showing the source URL, so I could not post as a link here. But immediately think of pressing the Prt Scr button to duplicate one.)

They must be using new algorithm for their widget so I gotta check on it to restore it on my blog. I take their ready made transformation, logging in with my Amazon account then linked with my previous Shelfari account, kinda say goodbye to the old school as I gotta use my Amazon UID to log in Shelfari from then onwards. There is an option to link with FB too.

After settling all the side dishes then only I found the way to restore my bookshelf:
It is not easy to find this only way though.

Okay, back to the war between Amazon Shelfari v.s. Google Books.

Both have ebook online:
Market: more than famous Amazon v.s. Google eBookstore
Listing: My Shelf v.s. My Library.

Yet I feel Google Books is the winner for so generous & advanced in providing much detail like (limited) Preview, Contents listing, Bibliographic info & QR code.
The only lame things for Google Books are the tasteless bookshelf and lack of support in providing widget for bloggers as compared to Amazon Shelfari.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Learning To Learn

Just got rehearsed by my colleague regarding neurofeedback with a cover story titled "The Alphalearning Revolution" in the magazine Calibre.

The main idea is to achieve the balance or harmonious state physically & mentally, in a damn fast way.

It is rather costly for average families but the market demands are incredibly huge, that there are now a few profit-making private schools lining up crunching for the local big cake.

External links:
Alphalearning Institute in Switzerland (You'll be shocked by the price list)

OpenEEG (What we'll like, open-sourced)