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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Phishing Attack!

Phishing is kinda "fishing" of victim's account access information through providing a link to forgery website by the attacker. I have reported quite a number of such web forgeries in past few years as they are so crude by judging the domain name of the forgery link address, or you simply don't have an account in the targeted bank or the like.

However, there are some really looking real ones and I got one just now targeted to Maybank2u.

The title, email, logo just convincing at the first glance, not after seeing the rather stupid link starting with "unitedwaysjc.org", and that showing original header of this email will get full information including email & IP address of the real sender or potential attacker.

Quickly I filed this to Maybank2u Phishing Report Form, which might be helpful to increase alertness for other account holders.

Then I decided to give a try to the phishing, and it seems to have been reported by others, as I get a nicely design alert by Firefox:

Unfortunately, the fraud website is still functioning, so be alert!
Lastly I report phishing to my GMail:

So be wise to such increasing more frauds.