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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Free Up Some Space After Windows Update

Windows users used to be quite aware of hard disk space consumed, not after having increasing availability of half terabyte hard drives.

Here why I particularly mention Windows Update is because during & after updates Windows will store both the backups & updates files which in turn consume much disk space, making my used to be spacious 10GB system partition a short dull, sluggish with pop-up reminders of insufficient disk space.

Take a look or even analyse with software how your system partition C: is piled up with files and folders, you will find some blue highlight folders with $ prefix, full of unused junk which might cost gigabytes.

Found ways for this but personally prefer this:
Is it safe to delete the $NtUninstallKBxxxxxx$ folders

...but still my pathetic 10GB C: is very low in free space, until I added another old 60GB Maxtor and move my entire system partition to 1st active partition of this oldie. Sadly to say then that to buy for more disk space is still the best hassle free way.

Tried uninstalled Windows Security Essential, free up 300MB.