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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Gift From National Day

31st Aug 2009 will definitely be a day to remember, as soon after this joyous day the drivers from all over the country will have to pay more for their millage.

Wonder how the authority predicts the international petrol price.
As announced by the authority months ago, the RON97 petrol unit price will raise up from RM1.80 to RM2.00 per litre.
Meanwhile, a new grade of petrol will be introduced to the market, that is RON95, RM1.75 per litre, while RON92 may be ceased.

So, 2.00 v.s. 1.75, sure we'll pick the latter.
But not all the vehicles benefit from this.
Luckily MTM just updated their article The RON List for reference.
All in all, only Honda Civic Type R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo., Range Rover (Only manufacturer's name not model name?), Skoda (Can't forget it's rather weird logo), Suzuki Swift Sport are being affected. But guess the rich owners won't bother this.

There's also an older version of RON List with RON92 compatibility I received earlier with email.
Gosh! I used to fuel in my lovely New Saga with RON92!
Well, according to Caltex RON FAQ, only some lag in performance.

Now that I noticed from the Proton New Saga Owner's Manual the recommended fuel for New Saga is Unleaded RON95.
Ha, who will read through all those words, if nothing happens?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MS Virtual PC 2007

I've been using this for months to experience the notorious Vista.

Virtual PC is a platform that allows you to use an guest OS right inside your existing OS.
For instance, you can use Windows Vista right inside your existing Windows XP without having to mess up with the partitioning or re-installation. What's more, you can use and switch between several OSes at the same time.
This implies a great saving in cost & time as no need to prepare a testing kluge as well.

Official intro: If you are running Windows Vista or Windows XP on your physical machine, you can still use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to run multiple operating systems at the same time on the same physical computer. Switch between virtual machines with the click of a button. Use virtual machines to run legacy applications, provide support, train users, and enhance quality assurance.

Oh! Forget to mentioned VPC is just like other great software acquired by MS. It's been purchased from Connectix Corporation more than 5 years back.

Sealed this up.
Let's take a glimpse:

Upon executing, there's a main console where you can choose guest OSes.
For this instance, I have only Vista added.

However, the list is empty by default.
You have to create a virtual machine with the step-by-step wizard:

After a few dummy-proof steps, you'll stuck here:
{I'll explain this later}

{I'll explain this later}

MS VPC 2007
There's also a hacked Chinese Simplified version around the internet which no installation is needed.