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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Best Jobs

It's a good saying that every dog has his day.

In term of pay & growth prospects, Physiotherapist (or physical therapist in US) was once ranked 7th as the Best Jobs in America in 2009.

Now it becomes 45th by CareerCast in Jobs Rated 2011: Ranking 200 Jobs From Best to Worst.

Let's get a glance from the latest job ranking for some medical professions:
9th AUD
17th OCT
21st SLP
25th DIET
32nd CHIRO
36th PHARM
45th PHY
57th PODIA
75th DENT
83rd GP
88th RT
94th NURSE
101st SURG
We can see the trend has changed drastically as the traditionally high-pay professions have drop out from top-50. As the ranking is measured by physical demands, work environment, pay, hiring outlook and stress, shows that people nowadays enjoy more than the income itself from their jobs.

Well, maybe I'm a bit over-loaded without my knowledge?
Wondering how many years ahead I could last in my career...