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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do Some Good Deed With reCAPTCHA

Ever seen image with curvy phrases with strikethrough, or perhaps just random numbers or string on internet?
We keep seeing this while submitting form or comment, or any other process which needed to be confirmed
that it's done by intentional, thoughtful human's mind, not robot's arbitrarily messy job. You bet with CAPTCHA!

Although CAPTCHA is not invincible in filtering spam due to the advancement of some brute force and OCR hacks, it's definitely a good discriminator of behavior between human and machine.

Now the even better idea came by an assumption that people will help to digitise books:

That's not the end.
For those who are afraid of exposing their emails to spammers, you can utilise this technique to hide email from the unwanted eyes.

So here's my email.