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Saturday, May 31, 2008


An exciting educative online typing race is here, can race among friends concurrently.


Only English, of course.

I particularly like the function it has to show the origins of the paragraph typed after the races.

Now then I learnt my English typing average speed is 34wpm.

I thought I have claimed 40wpm in my resume, ha!

Well, I think the excusal could be my type of looking around or finding out the meaning it has in those words while type-racing with others.

Excusal is excusal.


Finally, my HP PC-bundled Streamyx's up & run.

RM99 monthly for 24 months = RM2374 pay with plastic $ for an obsolete dual-core HP branded PC with 17" flat CRT, well, a deal, as I can pay on installment.

Moreover, I'm going to claim this as deductible item from income tax next year.

What killing my time these few days is email crunching for several accounts.

Go go go, life's up with the killing internet!