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Saturday, June 21, 2008

My New Kludge

Finally I have spare time to have started fixing my brand new HP Presario PC.

Here are the first view upon arrival on May:

Nice stylish front view with some basic info at a glimpse.
Now, anatomy time!

I've very poor confidence in the post-sale service,

So, tear-up the specially designed warranty sticker,

which, somehow impressed me to leave "VOID" markings.

That's all, you won't be much impressed when they take days to approach you and another weeks or months time to save your much needed PC.

Okay, here's the internal:

Nice real-watts PSU, nice ventilation environment, I think.

(Of course this is nothing compared to my previous naked kludge)

To my attention is the SATA interface DVD-combo drive which I assumed to be ordinary PATA; and a theoretical safe vertical-mounted WesternDigital HDD in a specially designed "cage".

Ah! my favourite WD, this's my 3rd working WD HDD, but I wonder the bulk producing OEM quality for its light weight.

Speaking of nowadays Malaysia made WD HDD, I'm a bit worry of the quality as we know its newly merged Penang manufacturer was not bearing "WD" before.

Since the DDR2 RAM is still in its low-price level which to be risen in this Q3, I bought two Kingston DDR2 RAM 800MHz @RM75 each.

But why not cheaper 667MHz @RM69 each?
Sigh, I was cheated by the 800Mhz 512MB DDR2 RAM provided.
In fact, this ESC livermore8 mobo supports max. 667MHz.

Ok, a final view after connecting IDE DVD burner & WD200GB HDD with a slim rounded IDE cable bought fr om Taiwan. (Only 1 PATA provided in this box)

A bit crowded, huh?!
But with two fans (not mentioned the PSU's) running inside, no noise is heard during operation.

Well this's much easier compared with the headachy software instalation & settings which I'm going to tell in the following days.

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