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Monday, May 2, 2011

Freediving & Hearing Impairment

I like swimming, much more than I realised.
Before I was a schoolboy my father & sister taught me to flutter with legs & propel with arms in the deep. There's still an impression which I cross the dark water in my hometown by my own.

Ever since then I become so familiar and comfort with water and, I like diving.
Transparent, silky, sometimes warm like inside a womb, yet much mysterious.
I will not deny the wide & deep blue or dark water leaves me fear of unimaginative possibilities which out of my control.

I'm so tiny in front of the sea, much more than the relationship between mother & child. We derived from the sea, we belong to the sea.
So I started to hold my breath, staying under water, be in an empty mind, perhaps to receive any message from the mother earth.

Few years back I was impressed watching a freediver crossing an underwater cave.
The video of the historic freedive through Dahab's Blue Hole arch
Now I am impressed again with this:

I was thinking how he overcomes deep sea pressure as deep as 95m without putting on any related device. Ear plugs? An experienced swimmer or diver told me never put on ear plugs as the difference in pressure will cause injury to the ear drum.
I tried to dive not more than 6m and I was aware that I can't tolerate the pressure. This depressive 6 like haunting me, looking for ways to dive beyond.

Unfortunately, I googled and found out that diving has somehow affected my hearing, especially in cold water.
Check out Surfer's ear in Wikipedia, and EAEs in PubMed.
Now that I can figure out why I always have to ask others to repeat their speech, which is embarrassing.

However there is no quit for me, and I would like to share more about freediving with the book FREEDIVE!

World record for unassisted freediving is achieved by William Trubridge -101m
More info on Vertical Blue
Safety on DiveWise.org


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