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Sunday, May 24, 2009

FUELLY - Share Your Fuel Economy

Since the purchasing of my 2nd car Proton New Saga, I came across a fine website to record(manually, of course), to calculate & to share your fuel expenses & mileage.

One has to add a car to start tracking & building the statistics for fuel economy.
Since I joined in December 2008, there is no option for Proton cars to choose from.
I e-mailed to ask the website builder if they could kindly add options for Proton cars, with no respond, for months.

This disappointed me.

There are lots of such websites around the internet, like Your MPG, maintaining by US government, could be an alternative.

But I just love at my 1st sight. XD

So I re-e-mailed them and got quick respond from Paul:
"Thanks for the suggestion. I just added Proton to the system."

Not only that, he added "Saga" in the Proton model.
Proton owners would be thankful to him.

So I'm going to start my fuel economy statistics.
Here show you my fuelly badge:


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