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Friday, July 2, 2010

Peacekeeper For My Browser

Peacekeeper - The Browser Benchmark

Just benchmarked my outdated portable FF3.5.5 @ Intel Dual-Core E2140 = 1216
But forgot to close all other browsing tabs.
While testing, can see the hard-feeling of my browser window appearance.
As compared to the official result, at least better than IE7/8, MS needs to catch up with this or loose its browser market share.

Will try to update my Portable FF to the latest 3.6.6, while testing Google Chrome to get a glimpse, if I'm free enough.

Here's the screen shot of the official result:

Also, my portable FF3.5.5 browser scores 126 and 4 bonus points out of a total of 300 points, in HTML5test.

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