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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Restoran Kapitan's

No, I was not there but my colleagues.
In fact I was still busying in hospital for my afternoon shift.

Since the morning they have been arguing about the best Tandoori chicken in town, and eventually decided to have dinner in Restoran Kapitan's.

I got that famous Tandoori chicken taken away by my lovely colleague for me, just about my work to finish.
Here it looks like in restaurant:

Despite its over-colouring look (most Muslim food?), it really taste good!
Different sauce and dosing are available, though I don't know their names.

Oh! Not forget to mention the fabulous drink, Almond milk, pack with cashew nuts etc.
Quite an enjoyable drink you can't find elsewhere but the stall just outside the restaurant.
Let's see the hawker Teh Tarik ("Drag Tea") master in action:

Lastly I provide the related info:

Restoran kapitan's

(The Tandoori Claypot Briyani Specialist)
93, Lebuh Chulia, Penang.

The above listed is the flagship restaurant.
There are branches located at Sungai Nibong and Gurney as well, all open 24-hour.

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