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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My First Vote

I saw persistent millionocracy here for years but cannot find a way to get into the sphere.
Now that I have a vote to give to the right one, or the better one (same spoiled apples?), or just draw a tortoise on the vote.

After being registered as a voter in my hometown for years, I checked my voter status on SPR
Luckily I am eligible for this coming election.
However my colleague who registered one year ago is not.
She remains calm and silent while I wonder how much time we should spend to be allow to vote after register.

Aside from this, I saw the BN (National Front) advertisement on MSN, promoting their brand new web site bn2008.org.my and manifesto for the election. Well so much $ to spend ya?
While DAP is agonistic having dap-elections.com (commercialised?).

Wishing a new prosperous cycle we could achieve. Please vote really carefully!

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