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Saturday, July 27, 2013

iPhone with box of Windows XP x64

26th Sep added screenshots
19th Sep updated w/ iTunes 11.1 update.

I am not an Apple fan, not fancy to i-products, and ever since I received a secondhand iPhone4, I was amazed by its simplicity, and lazidity (yup, rigidity + laziness).

Usually I'll set my own ringtones but this time with iPhone I was stucked as I could not perform as I wish within iPhone settings (unless a jail-broken one).

So after few months using a plain tone iPhone, finally I decided to connect it to my old box of 64bit Windows XP, thought to modify the ringtone with iTunes. And yet another quest on looking for the way to get software installed into a x64 system went on, as iTunes is not designed to even install into the abandoned x64.

I found Dan's Skunk Werks' awesome article to inspire me to install the minimalist SuperOrca MSI Editor rather than MS's big fat GB-level SDK.

After officially downloaded iTunes setup .msi .exe I opened it using 7-zip to extract the following files: iTunes.msi, Bonjour.msi & AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi all files into a folder.

Next I opened each of them iTunes64.msi & AppleApplicationSupport.msi with SuperOrca, and change "VersionNT64>=600" to "VersionNT64>=501" in table "LaunchCondition". The .msi files will immediately changed without the need to save. Then I executed each of the altered .msi files iTunes64, AppleMobileDeviceSupport64, AppleApplicationSupport & Bonjour64 in order.

Should AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi pops up with:
"[ProductName] requires that your computer is running Windows XP SP2 or newer."
kindly edit the .msi file with SuperOrca, locate the same "LaunchCondition", change the *Condition to:
"Installed OR (VersionNT=501 AND ServicePackLevel>=2) OR VersionNT>501"

You might get this for the first time running iTunes:
x64 iTunes
Just ignore and you'll get the real thing:
iTunes get started!

Apple Mobile Device failed
Retry or Ignore

With all the above mentioned steps you supposed to get ready to connect your iPhone to your Windows XP x64. But few weeks then until now guess what, lazy me still using the plain tone iPhone, thinking to jail-break straight my old iPhone4.

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