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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Foursquare Rocks...My X6

Foursquare is a mainstream geo-social mobile apps for mobile users to get to know where are those hot spots around, along with users' feedback, tips & tricks.

Few months back I was using official Foursquare for Symbian 6 on my Nokia X6.
The version 1.0.6 kept crashing my X6 when it has difficulty with the WiFi connection.
I had to disconnect the battery to off and restart my X6.
The slowish executing and closing the app is annoying too.

I thought I would get a better experience with Sym4square, but ended up with its unfamiliar UI.

When I desperately removed Foursquare, and try to re-install from Ovi Store, I get an upgraded version: v1.0.8.

With its improved executing speed, less flaw, I finally enjoy the fun of exploring the world!

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